What will be happening during this appraisal phase?

The next phase of the project is to further refine the detailed view of the reservoir rocks approximately two kilometres below the seabed. We will conduct a seismic survey across the licence area. The seismic survey will take a number of weeks and will involve a boat crisscrossing the licence area to survey it.

All our appraisal activities will be conducted using proven, tested technology and techniques that have been used in the Irish Sea and the North Sea for decades. Crogga’s plans to appraise and develop the islands natural resources are compatible with the IOM biosphere principles. Further details of these principles can be found at https://www.biosphere.im/biosphere-isle-of-man/about/

In the coming months we will work with residents of the Isle of Man as well as the nautical community that uses the area we intend to survey. We will share our plans, and keep them updated on the progress of the work.