The global position on natural gas as a transition fuel

Natural Gas is seen as an important and critical transition fuel by countries and independent organisations alike. 

In the ‘Energy Transition Outlook 2019’ report from DNV GL, a world-leading provider of quality assurance and risk management services, they state “Natural gas – holds a major position as an energy source throughout the forecast period (2019-2050), growing from 25% to 29% of global primary energy use.” Source.

The report highlights the current reliance on oil and coal within the global energy mix and the need to increase natural gas consumption to assist with the transition to renewables.  

The Irish Government has shown their commitments align to the reports findings stating in September 2019 that:

“Recognising that we end exploration for oil in Irish waters, we will continue to explore for natural gas given that it’s a transition fuel that we are going to need for the next few decades, as new technologies are developed and deployed.” Source.

The Island’s natural gas would not only assist our own transition to a renewable future, but that of neighbouring countries who will rely on gas to phase out oil and coal and support developing renewable technology.