Renewable energy & natural gas, working together

This should not be a one vs the other discussion. The Island has an existing gas infrastructure with a power station reliant on gas until beyond 2030. The Island is in a transition phase to a renewable future and is committed to achieving their targets by 2050. Gas will play an important role in how this is achieved, both in building renewable infrastructure and potentially in supporting this into the future.

For example, it is recognised that gas turbines are an effective way to support renewable technology to meet the shortfall when the wind stops blowing or the sun goes behind a cloud.  As the cleanest fossil fuel with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, natural gas is very suitable for this process as turbines can online very quickly and very efficiently.

Battery technology is not mature and is very expensive and so a secondary means of generation is required for the foreseeable future.

So even with a renewable infrastructure, gas can be important for continuity of supply. The decision then becomes, do we import the gas during this transition or do we use local gas if it is available?