Projected increases in Isle of Man energy demand

On Island, there are three key drivers to increases in future electrical energy demand. 

  • Projected population increases
  • Transport moving to electric vehicles
  • Home heating moving away from oil

Isle of Man Government’s moderate population projection shows a 7.9% increase by 2036. Source.

The Isle of Man is targeting 10,000 electric vehicles registered by 2030 and 100% ultra low carbon emission vehicles by 2050. Source.

Home heating oil represents 27% of the Island’s current energy consumption. Source.

Over the coming 3 decades the Island is going to have to address these increases along with meeting the existing demand. This is beyond the capacity of the current power station, UK interconnector and energy from waste plant combined. Source.

As part of a report to Tynwald, the Manx Utilities Authority projected an increase in annual electricity peak demand of 250% by 2050. Source.