Environment & UNESCO Biosphere

The environment is something we take extremely seriously. Crogga is committed to delivering gas to homes and businesses on the Isle of Man in a way that protects its environment.

It can’t be overstated how much we, as Manx residents and descendants, feel passionate about doing the best thing for our Island. We want to see Island’s residents thrive and for the Island to be at the heart of a sustainable future as we transition to zero carbon.

Our focus is to deliver the energy resources of the Isle of Man in a way that protects its environment, community and way of life, while helping to deliver economic growth for the Island.

We are choosing to go above and beyond already strict guidelines and recommendations to lead the way as a responsible local energy company. We will be involving key wildlife and environmental groups throughout our operations, starting with our seabed environmental survey. We are conducting a thorough analysis of the seabed, to identify any areas of interest and making data collected during our survey available to a wide range of organisations. 

We are keen to support the Island’s status as a UNESCO Biosphere and the development of local natural gas does not jeopardize this in any way. 

 “The UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project is not about stopping anyone doing anything.  It’s about enjoying and celebrating our Island to the full, and making it an even better place to be and getting involved in keeping it special.” Source.

Natural gas not only supports renewable energy sources but replaces fuels like oil and coal. By producing our own local supply of natural gas, we will reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% over imported gas and provide much needed revenue to fund the transition to renewables. “Natural gas holds a major position as an energy source throughout the forecast period (2019-2050), but for oil the long-term decline trend is clear”. Source.