The Crogga Field & Irish Sea

The Crogga Field is an area of approximately 266km2 off Maughold Head on the north-east of the Isle of Man. The area is referred to as Block 112/25. Each jurisdiction breaks their territory up into quadrants, with each given a unique number. The Isle of Man adopts the UK system where each quadrant is 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude and is broken down further into blocks. In 2018 Crogga was awarded the licence from Isle of Man Government to appraise and develop block 25 in quadrant 112, the Crogga Field.

The Irish Sea has a long history of gas production, with operations close to Isle of Man territorial waters. The Crogga field is an opportunity for the Isle of Man to improve energy security, generate revenue and support the Island’s transition to a net zero carbon future.

To understand the potential of the operation and its low impact nature, it is worth looking at the history of natural gas in the Irish Sea.