Our Operations

All Crogga’s operations will be conducted in a way that minimises the impact on our environment.

The information in this section has been compiled to answer a range of questions that you may have about the licence awarded to Crogga to appraise for natural gas in Manx waters, the steps that will follow the announcement, and the potential impact this has for the Isle of Man.

We hope that the information will provide an understanding of how this development is an important part of the Island’s transition to renewable energy and a zero carbon future whilst positively impacting the Island’s economy in the process.

The Crogga Management team are all Manx professionals, either current residents of the Island or have strong and enduring family and business connections with the Isle of Man. We are proud of the Isle of Man and believe this natural gas development has the potential to significantly benefit the Island:

  • in its transition to renewable energy and 2050 environmental commitments
  • with zero financial cost to Island tax payers
  • economically through tax revenues
  • by providing a secure energy supply for the Island
  • In the creation of direct and indirect employment