Is the appraisal of the area safe?

The oil and gas industry is strictly regulated. The Crogga team is made up of experienced industry professionals who have worked in highly regulated jurisdictions such as the UK and Norway, who are committed to the development of our natural gas to provide energy security and boost our economy while protecting our environment. We will be working to achieve and surpass UK industry guidelines and best practice in the activities we undertake.

The Crogga survey will exceed (JNCC) Joint Nature Conservation Committee guidelines for seismic surveys. We will have Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) and marine mammal observers onboard. The Crogga survey will use a lower power sound source than the majority of the previous surveys carried out in the Irish Sea.  Additionally the Crogga survey will use a significantly shorter and narrower seismic tow to minimise operational impact.

We have also taken steps to ensure that the Crogga survey vessels will be fueled with low sulphur marine diesel reducing the atmospheric impact of the survey operations. This is above and beyond legal requirements.

It is also important to note that each stage of the appraisal and development is subject to government consent so is overseen at the highest level.  The Government has contracted the UK British Geological Survey to assist with the geotechnical regulations.

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