Will Crogga engage with the Island’s fishing and wildlife community?

As part of our commitment to the environment and exceeding guidelines, we’ve consulted international experts, (read more information on environmental impact) and are collaborating with the fishing industry, local marine wildlife experts and other interested parties.  Updates will be posted on this websiteREAD MORE

Are seismic surveys safe?

Seismic surveys have been routinely carried out in the Irish Sea since the 1970s.  The surveys have not had any significant impact on fisheries or wildlife. The most recent seismic survey over the Crogga Field was carried out in 2015 by Dong energy (Now Ørsted). No cetaceans were observed during the entire three week period by dedicated marine mammal observers.  Recent surveys of Queen Scallop stocks by fisheries producers within the Crogga survey area, have shown healthy populations. They have clearly suffered no significant ill effects from the previous 2015 seismic survey. For an idea of how many seismic surveysREAD MORE

How long will the appraisal phase last?

We anticipate that the seismic surveying will take up to 10 weeks, and after several months of processing and analysis, we will review the resulting 3D surbsurface image. If the seismic data confirm suitable locations, we intend to drill an appraisal well. This will be used to monitor the flow of gas from the reservoir to validate our estimatesREAD MORE

Is the appraisal of the area safe?

The oil and gas industry is strictly regulated. The Crogga team is made up of experienced industry professionals who have worked in highly regulated jurisdictions such as the UK and Norway, who are committed to the development of our natural gas to provide energy security and boost our economy while protecting our environment. We will be working to achieve and surpass UK industry guidelines and best practice in the activities we undertake. The Crogga survey will exceed (JNCC) Joint Nature Conservation Committee guidelines for seismic surveys. We will have Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) and marine mammal observers onboard. The CroggaREAD MORE

What will be happening during this appraisal phase?

The next phase of the project is to further refine the detailed view of the reservoir rocks approximately two kilometres below the seabed. We will conduct a seismic survey across the licence area. The seismic survey will take a number of weeks and will involve a boat crisscrossing the licence area to survey it. All our appraisal activities will be conducted using proven, tested technology and techniques that have been used in the Irish Sea and the North Sea for decades. Crogga’s plans to appraise and develop the islands natural resources are compatible with the IOM biosphere principles. Further detailsREAD MORE

Where is the Crogga Field?

The Crogga Field is an area of approximately 266km2 off Maughold Head on the north-east of the IslandREAD MORE