Will the onshore and offshore gas infrastructure damage the environment?

If our investigations lead us to installing infrastructure this will likely be: Construction of the small onshore gas terminal. This site will be no larger than any other industrial / housing development already on the island. A small pipeline corridor will be required, which will be rehabilitated to its previous natural state, leaving no indication at all of the pipeline below ground. Construction offshore will also have minimal environmental impact, as it only requires one pipeline corridor and a small number of drilling sites. Crogga will work with the Isle of Man Government for all planning consents and a completeREAD MORE

What is a horizontal well?

A horizontal well is a well that is steered at 90 degrees from vertical in order to access more reservoir rock or multiple reservoir compartments. Horizontal drilling has been standard practice in the UK since the early 1990sREAD MORE

What is a “well test”?

A well test or a drill stem test (DST) is when a well is control flowed from the deep reservoir to the surface under a predetermined programme of varying rates and pressures. Gas is flowed to surface to ascertain an initial flowing potential of the well, the reservoir begins to slowly lose pressure and the well is then closed or “shut-in”. The reservoir pressure slowly returns to normal as the gas accumulation replenishes what was extracted. This is repeated over a number of different flowing periods and shut-in periods. The flow rates allow a calculation of the deliverability of theREAD MORE

What offshore infrastructure will be see from the IOM?

All the offshore infrastructure will be below the sea-surface and the pipeline to the Isle of Man will be below the sea-bedREAD MORE

Will Crogga use hydraulic fracturing at the Crogga Field?

The Crogga Field is a conventional reservoir and so the need for hydraulic fracturing is highly unlikely. Additionally, in the case of Crogga there is a strong case to suggest that hydraulic fracturing may be detrimental to the project as it may mean wells access and produce water rather than natural gas. That said, it is worth remembering that hydraulic stimulation has been routinely used on certain types of conventional wells in the North Sea since the 1970s and has minimal environmental impactREAD MORE

What offshore infrastructure is required?

Offshore infrastructure will include a number of well heads sitting on the seabed that will be grouped in four or six well clustersREAD MORE