About Us

Crogga is an Isle of Man company that has been awarded the licence for natural gas appraisal and development rights in Manx waters off Maughold Head. Crogga was established in 2017 by a team of Manx professionals with a wide range of international experience in the energy industry, as well as running Manx companies. Crogga is focused on protecting the Island’s environment, community, and the Manx way of life.

We have been awarded a licence from the Isle of Man Government for the rights to ‘Block 112/25’ (the ‘Crogga Field’), an area of approximately 266km2 off Maughold Head in the north-east of the Island. Based on work carried out by BP who drilled an exploration well in 1982 and conducted a series of studies in the 1990s, we believe that there is a sizeable reservoir of gas in the licence area.

The Isle of Man has committed to being zero carbon by 2050 and Crogga natural gas will play an important role in this. Local natural gas will provide energy security and an opportunity for the Island to transition to renewables while supporting increased electrical energy demand. Residents and businesses of the Island will benefit environmentally, socially and financially. 

Now we have received the licence to operate, our first task will be to conduct a three-dimensional seismic survey to further our understanding of the area.

Our operations will come at no cost to the Manx government but, following the successful appraisal of the field, our operations will deliver revenues that will benefit the island’s economy, government finances and GDP growth.

Unlike many oil and gas operators which manage large and complex portfolios, our sole focus is on the appraisal, prospective development and production of the ‘Crogga Field’. Our commitment is to delivering the energy resources of the Isle of Man in a way that protects its environment, community and way of life, while helping to deliver economic growth for the Island.

Why Crogga Natural Gas