Slane currit da cooney lesh
y chaghlaa syn Ellan dys
traa ry-heet gyn carbon

Committed to supporting
the Island transition
to a zero carbon future

Committed to you

The Isle of Man has committed to being zero carbon by 2050. This is an ambitious target and requires a critical transition period for the Island. In line with other countries who have committed to a zero carbon future, natural gas is recognised as the preferred transition fuel to support renewables as new infrastructure and technology is developed. Natural gas offers the solution to shortfalls in the intermittency, capacity and storage of renewable energy.

Using natural gas to support the transition to zero carbon will ensure our Island can deliver the projected increased energy demand as we move away from home heating oil and towards 100% electric vehicles and deliver the revenues the Island needs to develop renewable infrastructure.

Crogga natural gas will also be up to 30% more efficient (lower emissions) than imported gas from overseas and provide greater control and assurance over how the gas is extracted.

Natural gas - a solution to the world's energy transition

“Natural gas holds a major position as an energy source throughout the forecast period (2019-2050), but for oil the long-term decline trend is clear”DNV Energy Transition Outlook 2019

Natural gas - a solution to the world's energy transition

"...gas-fired electricity generation is well placed to address the intermittency of wind and solar supplies and provide back-up flexibility and reliability for our electricity supply." Minister Richard Burton TD, answers Dáil Questions

A local team

The Isle of Man is our home, we live and work here. We are committed to the development of our natural gas to power electricity generation, boost our economy while protecting our environment and play a vital role in the transition to a zero carbon future.